There’s an increasing need for apps and services to help manage one’s cryptocurrency portfolio – here are some of my favourite picks!

Though I’d still argue cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are very much in their infancy, it would seem clear that they are here to stay – and as individual investors seek out coins of their choice and governments turn their attention to creating their own national cryptocurreny, it seems that there’s a significant lack of simple yet useful apps and services to help one manage their portfolio.

It doesn’t help matters that the seemingly limitless list of new cryptocurrencies sprouting up each day complicates the applicability of purchasing or using new apps or services – yet I’ve made use of several worthwhile tools that I’d like to share here today.

I plan on expanding to this list over time as I discover new utilities, but here are some of the tools I’ve found most useful in managing my cryptocurrency portfolio:


Software wallets are a dime a dozen, and it’s true that most cryptocurrency exchanges offer one. However, the concerned investor is always left worrying abou the security of their online wallet – never mind the fact that by owning multiple cryptocurrencies one usually has to spread their wealth throughout different wallets.

I’ve greatly enjoyed using Exodus, which is a desktop wallet with ShapeShift support. Exodus makes it exceptionally simple to preview one’s portfolio from one easy pane, and even sports a built-in exchange to convert one cryptocurrency to another.

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Exodus supports a raft of popular cryptocurrencies and furthermore can be customized by a theme engine. Ideal for those of us who hate the pain of trudging through an online exchange and who find the price of some hardware wallets excessive, I find Exodus an ideal solution to having a unified overview of my portfolio.

Download Exodus here


Every Bitcoin investor knows both the euphoria and terror of checking their value, and while investing I’ve frequently found myself flying to coinmarketcap more so than my internet service provider would like me to.

While stock apps are common on macOS (my desktop operating system of choice), I’ve always found that few of them are quality products – and though one can enroll Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in macOS’ native Stocks widget in the notification center, I’ve found that to be a lacking option as well.

Eventually I stumbled on HODL – a neat menu bar app for macOS that arrives with notification center support built-in. For those of us who like to have one easy overview of what the cryptocurrency markets are doing, HODL makes it really simple to preview the value of a coin and select one’s exchange of choice.

Download HODL here


There’s really two reasons why I’d like to list Luno here; the first is that Luno’s Instant Buy mecahnics and simplified UI does – in my opinion – provide one of the easiest and most elegant ways to buy Bitcoin in South Africa with Rand.

While Luno does provide an exchange, the service’s everpresent Rand-value indicator and speedy EFT processing make it a natural choice for entry-level investors.

Of course, that leads me on to my second point – for new investors and those seeking a refresher alike, Luno provides excellent tutorials and guides to illustrate the finer points of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and even subjects like hard forks in simple detail.

As my own entry point into cryptocurrency, I find Luno an excellent tool for those of us without financial backgrounds who still wish to get to grips with cryptocurrency. The fact that the app supports two-factor authentication is a big relief as well.

Download Luno – iOS | Android

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