whatsapp fake news

How WhatsApp’s newest changes are designed to fight fake news

WhatsApp has introduced a number of new improvements, and several have now been designed to tackle fake news. The question remains, however; will these changes be enough?

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Do we really need DeX, EMUI Desktop, and Microsoft’s Continuum?

Mobile device manufacturers have been quick to offer smartphone-to-PC systems, but do we really need them? Bryan Smith weighs in!

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Synology DS218 Play

Synology DS218 Play review: The everyman’s NAS

For first-timers, purchasing and setting up a NAS can be an overwhelming endeavour. I take the Synology DS218 Play for a spin and unpack why NAS drives are still an enticing option.

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5 common smartphone frustrations, and how to fix them

Bryan Smith joins Expresso Show to discuss ways to resolve five common smartphone frustrations that frequently plague users!

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Bryan Smith South African Technology Journalist Four tech terms you need to know about

Four tech terms you need to know about in 2018

I joined SABC 3’s Expresso Show to unpack four major tech terms you need to know about in 2018 – from blockchain to virtual reality!

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