evening at zandvlei

Evening at Zandvlei: A Photo Essay

For a University assignment, I created a photo series around an evening sunset at Zandvlei Estuary, near Muzienberg, Cape Town. This series focussed on the marine habitat and wildlife.

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an evening of fire and light

An Evening of Fire and Light

I had the pleasure of attending an evening of fire dancing and light painting with the University of Cape Town's Photographic Society. This a small selection of snaps from an incredible experience.

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A Look Back at the DA/Agang One Night Stand

South Africans endured a great deal this week; not only did we have to handle the Facebook birthday celebration through Look Back, we also navigated the one night stand between parties Agang SA and the DA.

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Column: Don’t Call Me A Millennial

Don't associate my skin with any of this new-age interconnectedness pseudo-liberal destiny's child crap. I'm not "Millennial". I'm old, god dammit. I was born an entire century ago - don't throw me in the Millennial group.

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The Problem with Masculinity

The issue we deal with in our time is not the fault of femininity - it's the fault of masculinity, it's inability to change, and, centrally, the difficulty of defining what the term masculinity actually represents.

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