Bryan Smith South African Technology Journalist Four tech terms you need to know about

Four tech terms you need to know about in 2018

I joined SABC 3’s Expresso Show to unpack four major tech terms you need to know about in 2018 – from blockchain to virtual reality!

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Bryan Smith South African Technology Journalist on SABC 3 Expresso Show

Five big technology news stories that made headlines in 2017

2017's been an amazing year for technology, with some amazing advents breaking headlines all over the world. I joined SABC 3's Expresso Show to discuss five of the biggest stories we saw this year!

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The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi was the first Star Wars film to leave me with mixed feelings

Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, is the first Star Wars film to see me exit the cinema without a clear sense of the saga.

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Apps to manage cryptocurrency portfolios

Cryptocurrency: Key apps I use to manage my portfolio

There's an increasing need for apps and services to help manage one's cryptocurrency portfolio - here are some of my favourite picks!

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why i've grown to love bixby

Why I’ve grown to love Bixby, even though it’s not perfect

Though Bixby is nowhere near perfect, the digital assistant does have a novel use case and some interesting features.

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Bryan Smith discusses SpaceX's BFR rocket system on SABC 3's Expresso Show

Discussing SpaceX’s city-to-city rocket system on SABC 3’s Expresso Show

Bryan Smith joins Expresso Show to discuss SpaceX’s plans to debut planet-hopping travel through the use of an interplanetary rocket system.

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government make internet access cheaper south africa

What is government doing to make internet access cheaper in South Africa?

South African government has made several overtures to reduce the cost of internet access and data, but will any be effective? I weigh in!

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bryan smith expresso show

Talking NASA, Android Go & more on SABC 3’s Expresso Show

I recently had the awesome opportunity to discuss NASA's DART initiative, Android Go and much more with Katlego Maboe on SABC 3's Expresso Show.

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Android Go

For emerging markets, the arrival of Android Go is huge

Where Android One never truly took off, Google has revealed Android Go – a potential game-changer for smartphones in emerging markets.

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star wars rogue one review

Rogue One Review: The Foundations Of Hope

Rogue One is arguably the film Star Wars fans have always wanted and, up until now, haven't gotten. Spoilers follow in my review!

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marina da gama

Uitsig Neighbourhood Watch and Deep Blue Security help recover stolen vehicle moments after theft

The UNW and Deep Blue Security together managed to recover the stolen vehicle of a Marina da Gama resident.

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Why I'm more hyped about Rogue One than Force Awakens

Why I’m more hyped about Rogue One than Force Awakens

As a life-long Star Wars fan, I can't contain my excitement about Rogue One, and I find myself even more excited for it than I was for the Force Awakens.

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weekly update

Weekly update: Apple vs the FBI, Samsung & more

In this weekly update for the 5th-12th March, I talk about my view on Apple vs the FBI, Samsung's #TheNextGalaxy event, and the Cape Town comedy club.

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On a return to personal writing

On a return to personal writing

It's been some time since I made a return to personal writing; my last article on my personal site of yore was posted approximately two years ago. Here, I hope to get back to reflexive prose.

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Vrygrond taxi violence

Violence in Vrygrond: Taxi violence erupts, roads closed

Early morning on Tuesday the 16th of September saw a series of armed protests occur on Vrygrond Avenue, reaching into Prince George Drive and Oudevlei road, in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

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evening at zandvlei

Evening at Zandvlei: A Photo Essay

For a University assignment, I created a photo series around an evening sunset at Zandvlei Estuary, near Muzienberg, Cape Town. This series focussed on the marine habitat and wildlife.

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an evening of fire and light

An Evening of Fire and Light

I had the pleasure of attending an evening of fire dancing and light painting with the University of Cape Town's Photographic Society. This a small selection of snaps from an incredible experience.

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A Look Back at the DA/Agang One Night Stand

South Africans endured a great deal this week; not only did we have to handle the Facebook birthday celebration through Look Back, we also navigated the one night stand between parties Agang SA and the DA.

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Column: Don’t Call Me A Millennial

Don't associate my skin with any of this new-age interconnectedness pseudo-liberal destiny's child crap. I'm not "Millennial". I'm old, god dammit. I was born an entire century ago - don't throw me in the Millennial group.

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The Problem with Masculinity

The issue we deal with in our time is not the fault of femininity - it's the fault of masculinity, it's inability to change, and, centrally, the difficulty of defining what the term masculinity actually represents.

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the bugger all degree

The ‘Bugger All’ Degree

When I first arrived at the University of Cape Town as a fresher in the summer of 2012, I don’t believe I had the faintest idea of the stigma surrounding a general Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Gay Rights group stages Kiss-In in Cape Town City Centre

The morning of Friday, August 23rd saw the Cape Town LGBTIAQ community organise a kiss-in protest, demonstrating against anti-gay laws in the build up to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

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Underrated: The music of video games

Time and time again have composers met - and risen above - the challenges imposed on them in the video game industry, churning out not mundane trinkets of flower music, but fully fledged miniature symphonies.

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First Year at UCT: The Survival Guide

My years at UCT were some of the best of my life so far; here's a quick guide on what you need to know to survive university!

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we dont need leaders

We Don’t Need Leaders. We Need Visionaries.

Leaders can command a nation in hate as well as love; and often build pillars of change upon the sand. In this modern world, a leader is no longer satisfactory; we require visionaries to steer us forward.

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