The way forward

The Way Forward – a hard-hitting documentary film about access to tertiary education.

Nelson Mandela once made the irrepressible statement “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Years later on, South Africa finds itself at a precipice in its brief, united history.

Universities struggle to find paths towards transformation in a post-colonial and post-apartheid South Africa.

Critically, the University of Cape Town makes a bold step – it’s intended effectiveness arguable – to draft a new admissions policy which moves from a race-centric admissions quotient to a host of criteria prioritizing wealth as an indicator of past disadvantage.

This move has been both praised and denounced – embraced and rejected – by myriads of South Africans across a spectrum gripped in a fair distribution crisis.

The debate itself speaks to pertinent issues in South African Society; that of race, self-worth, poverty, disadvantage, and empowerment.

The question which remains is how do we choose to empower the thinkers, academics, negotiators, and ultimately, leaders of tomorrow?

What is The Way Forward?

As Judge Dennis Davis surmised during the University of Cape Town’s admissions policy debate in 2013, “We are talking about the central issue of the South African psyche.

The Way Forward is a fifteen-minute documentary film produced at the conclusion of my postgraduate studies in 2015. The film details the admissions policies of universities in South Africa, and examines how many models have begun to shift from race-based quota systems to the study of socio-economic indicators.

How does The Way Forward conduct its examination?

Under the advice of the panel to which I pitched The Way Forward in April of 2015, I opted to explore the issues raised by the film through a character who would bear the social capital and lived experience of a student identified by the new admissions policy as disadvantaged. Through this, my aim was to touch on issues that the intended character would raise throughout interview discussions, and succinctly touch on each point as a major theme of the film.

Would you be interested in seeing The Way Forward?

Unfortunately, I have made the difficult decision not to air The Way Forward due to the current political climate in South Africa. If you’d like to hear more about my findings or ask a question, please contact me and we can get a conversation started!