Why haven’t smartwatches caught on?

Wearables may have carved out their own appeal - but why haven't smartwatches caught on? I explore why we haven't yet found the ideal product just yet.

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The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi was the first Star Wars film to leave me with mixed feelings

Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, is the first Star Wars film to see me exit the cinema without a clear sense of the saga.

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Android Go

For emerging markets, the arrival of Android Go is huge

Where Android One never truly took off, Google has revealed Android Go – a potential game-changer for smartphones in emerging markets.

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marina da gama

Uitsig Neighbourhood Watch and Deep Blue Security help recover stolen vehicle moments after theft

The UNW and Deep Blue Security together managed to recover the stolen vehicle of a Marina da Gama resident.

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weekly update

Weekly update: Apple vs the FBI, Samsung & more

In this weekly update for the 5th-12th March, I talk about my view on Apple vs the FBI, Samsung's #TheNextGalaxy event, and the Cape Town comedy club.

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