Vrygrond taxi violence

Violence in Vrygrond: Taxi violence erupts, roads closed

Early morning on Tuesday the 16th of September saw a series of armed protests occur on Vrygrond Avenue, reaching into Prince George Drive and Oudevlei road, in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

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Column: Don’t Call Me A Millennial

Don't associate my skin with any of this new-age interconnectedness pseudo-liberal destiny's child crap. I'm not "Millennial". I'm old, god dammit. I was born an entire century ago - don't throw me in the Millennial group.

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The Problem with Masculinity

The issue we deal with in our time is not the fault of femininity - it's the fault of masculinity, it's inability to change, and, centrally, the difficulty of defining what the term masculinity actually represents.

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the bugger all degree

The ‘Bugger All’ Degree

When I first arrived at the University of Cape Town as a fresher in the summer of 2012, I don’t believe I had the faintest idea of the stigma surrounding a general Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Gay Rights group stages Kiss-In in Cape Town City Centre

The morning of Friday, August 23rd saw the Cape Town LGBTIAQ community organise a kiss-in protest, demonstrating against anti-gay laws in the build up to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

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