The big hack

What was ‘The Big Hack’, and how likely are Bloomberg’s claims?

In a new report, Bloomberg Businessweek has claimed that major tech firms have been compromised in an unprecedented hack. How likely are these claims, and could they even be possible? I explore.

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sim-swap fraud

What is SIM-swap fraud, and how can I keep myself safe?

SIM-swap fraud is rapidly increasing in South Africa - I explore what this phenomenon is, and how you can keep yourself safe.

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Why haven’t smartwatches caught on?

Wearables may have carved out their own appeal - but why haven't smartwatches caught on? I explore why we haven't yet found the ideal product just yet.

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whatsapp fake news

How WhatsApp’s newest changes are designed to fight fake news

WhatsApp has introduced a number of new improvements, and several have now been designed to tackle fake news. The question remains, however; will these changes be enough?

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Do we really need DeX, EMUI Desktop, and Microsoft’s Continuum?

Mobile device manufacturers have been quick to offer smartphone-to-PC systems, but do we really need them? Bryan Smith weighs in!

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