Early morning on Tuesday the 16th of September saw a series of armed protests occur on Vrygrond Avenue, reaching into Prince George Drive and Oudevlei road, in Muizenberg, Cape Town.


Demonstrators, toyi-toying in the Vrygrond Ave. and Prince George intersection, pelted police and the vehicles of residents with stones, lit rubber tyre barricades, and fired indiscriminate live rounds.

The demonstrations come in the wake of the City of Cape Town’s allocation of 10 Taxi permits to the area, when community leaders have been seeking to raise the limit for months. This, coinciding with the Metro Police’s impounding of several unlicensed and unroadworthy taxis in the area, sparked outrage.

The events where part of a wider range of violent taxi-related incidents, which previously has seen three people killed due to gunfire. The residents of Marina da Gama, a wealthy suburb which lies adjacent to the settlement, have lobbied the City for months in order to establish a traffic light intersection to regulate the flow of traffic in the area.

Those demonstrating offered the City three weeks to offer an increased number of taxi permits to the area, and have threatened to make “(the district) ungovernable” if their demands are not met.