In this weekly update for the 5th-12th March, I talk about my view on Apple vs the FBI, Samsung’s #TheNextGalaxy event, and the Cape Town comedy club.

With my new space on the web marking a return to personal writing, and in lieu of not having anything significant to say this eve, I thought I might recap my week in a similar vein to Tyler Reed‘s weekly update. I don’t expect I’ll keep writing these regularly, but it might make for a nice break from news and op-ed writing.

Rather than list through mundanities, I’d rather work through listing some of the highlights of my week by topic.

Apple vs the FBI

One of the biggest debates raging in the tech space right now is Apple’s crusade against FBI requests for iPhone access. While a lot of this is lost to detail in-between court rooms, I believe this is one of the key discourses we need to navigate in the 21st century. It’s rather ironic that the debate itself is happening on a micro-scale (one manufacturer setting a ‘precedent’, as Tim Cook would no doubt say, as opposed to a macro debate on overall net neutrality.

For instance, I find the security of platforms such as Free Basics (set to bring the next billion online) hardly investigated while the concerns of those among use wealthy enough to afford an iPhone simultaneously afford top billing in this debate. It’ll be interesting to see if, in future, a certain ‘reprieve’ from observation or security violation will be afforded to an aristocracy while the rest of the world lives through transparent devices. One could argue with the way BlackBerry have positioned the Priv is the latest forerunner to such a paradigm existing in future.

On the more general side of things, I had a great time talking with Theunis on this week’s Bandwidth Blog On Air podcast on the entire debate; he shared some opinions which have made me rethink my position. You can listen in below! In the meantime, expect another weekly update on this some time in the future.


Samsung #TheNextGalaxy launch event

It’s been a while since I left Cape Town, but this week afforded me the very cool opportunity of heading for Johannesburg to report on the local launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

You can read my #TheNextGalaxy timeline, but one of the more interesting takeaways from the event is Samsung’s focus on creating VR content with the Gear 360 and its new position on mobile gaming; the latter of which is a welcome but abrupt entry using Vulkan.

I look forward to seeing what LG bring with them following the launch of the G5 in the country. While the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the best iterations of the Galaxy line so far, I’m really interested to play about with the G5’s dual camera setup.

Cape Town Comedy Club

Arriving back on a red-eye flight on Friday morning, I joined in with my good friend Charné and a group of friends I’d not met before (Gabbi, Alexei, Pierre) and headed to the Cape Town Comedy Club; my first time at the venue.

The humour was largely a mixed bag; I enjoyed the early Cockney abrasiveness but that quickly palled as the night went on. Highlights for me included Westley Cockrell and Carl Weber.

Overall, it was a great night in good company; however, if you’re planning on heading there, stick to drinks. You won’t get your money’s worth in food.

Other thoughts

Presently, I’m sitting without a phone as my trusty Xperia Z1 refuses to charge. I hope by the end of the evening it decides to play ball.

I’m strongly considering heading back to an iPhone for my next personal device. I find myself growing weary of Android’s fragility; more and more I find myself needing a camera-focussed device rather than an all-rounder.

Looking forward to another interesting week in tech. First, a healthy Sunday’s respite, and hopefully I’ll be back with another weekly update or another piece next week.

Image this week taken from Cape Town International Airport. A quote, first heard from my old friend, Rahul Dowlath, comes to mind:
“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”